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Goldtek was established in April 2001 in line with the corporate philosophy of "sustainable development, professional development", from the early industry of electronic materials and hand tools, services and thus the introduction of the automated production of high-tech industry and viewing equipmentfor the industry to provide professional technical support and service.

In past years, we uphold the "customer first, service first" has always been the spirit and principles in the new era of information, but also deeply appreciate the service areas that require the full application of Internet technology to provide real time information to establish a complete the technical service system and a full range of services.

Look forward to the new twenty-first century, high-top mechanical and electrical along with advanced industry are to grow strong together towards a brighter future.

Business Layout

Goldtek business area covering east, south, north, Taipei, the company is headquartered in Shanghai.Layout of the branch in Suzhou, Dongguan, Xiamen, Taipei and other major cities, will continue to lead-free solder products, SMT equipment, equipment, management training, including a one-stop products and services for enterprises nationwide, strive with the fastest speedprovide customers with timely and excellent all-round service. High-top electromechanical strong lineup of experts backed by the service team will be "the pursuit of excellence." Guided by the spirit to create the best service team in China, dedicated to provide customers with continuous perfect buying experience.

  • Fuji M / C equipment sales agent in 1989 to Sharp, began to open up a new situation in the market
  • 1992 cumulative sales of 100 M / C equipment, Fuji brand accounted for more than 50% market share in Taiwan
  • The development of many large-scale manufacturers in 1994 to become our customers, for example: Quanta, Acer, Asus, MSI, FIC, the Compaq, etc.
  • 1995, Taiwan's largest PCB assembly supplier, was established in mainland China Ascentek branch
  • Agent the Orbotech A.O.I. device 1997
  • Occupy more than 60 percent of the industry's market share in 1998
  • 2000 march to the field of semiconductor and FPD industry in Taiwan and the mainland, due to outstanding business results, FUJI power of attorney in China, Australia and New Zealand
  • Occupy more than 60 percent of the industry's market share in 1998
  • Set up Umate company in mainland China in 2002